A/C System Sealer - Automotive A/C Leak Repair - 1 4 oz. Can

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FrostyCool A/C System Sealer is designed for repairing leaks in condensers, evaporators, lines, and joints. This is an epoxy based product that reacts to moisture . Unless the system is evacuated FrostyCool A/C System Dry should be installed before installing FrostyCool A/C System Sealer. 

If the system has leaked to zero, you must use FrostyCool A/C System Dry also.

The 4 ounce aerosol can contains enough FrostyCool A/C System Sealer to repair small leaks in 3 or 4lb a/c systems.

The 4 ounce FrostyCool A/C System Sealer contains 3.5 ounces of FrostyCool refrigerant which is equivalent to 10.5 ounces of R12 or 9.1 ounces of R134a.

For installation:

  • Install FrostyCool A/C System Dry first 
  • Run Unit 30 minutes
  • Install FrostyCool A/C System Sealer next
  • fill system to manufacturer's specs with refrigerant
  • run unit with compressor running for a minimum of 45 minutes

for the 4 oz. product--hooks to regular system with a 134a tap